Nùoro, immersed in the green valleys of Monte Ortobene, has been inhabited since ancient times, as evidenced by the numerous Domus de Janas and Nuraghi in the area.

Barbagia‘s main town, it is in an ideal location as a starting point to visit the many natural, historical, archaeological and cultural attractions that the city and the surrounding area offer.


Sardinian Ethnographic Museum


Of particular interest in the city is the Sardinian Ethnographic Museum, whose rooms display traditional clothing, carnival masks from Barbagia, rugs, breads and sweets.

Sardinian Ethnographic Museum Hotel Grillo Nuoro

The MAN_Museum of Art Provincia di Nuoro


Don’t miss the Museo d’Arte Provincia di Nuoro (MAN) which in recent years has played an increasingly important role in the cultural context of Sardinia.
Thanks both to its permanent collections, which gather the works of the best Sardinian artists, and to the important temporary exhibitions, the MAN attracts an increasing number of visitors.

The MAN_Museum of Art Provincia di Nuoro Hotel Grillo Nuoro

The Grazia Deledda Museum


The Grazia Deledda Museum is of particular interest to lovers of literature. The museum is based in the house where the writer was born. Documents and objects belonging to the Nuorese novelist (who won the Nobel prize for Literature in 1926) are preserved there in perfect condition.

The Grazia Deledda Museum Hotel Grillo Nuoro

Monte Ortobene


Worth a visit is Monte Ortobene, a natural oasis on which stands the statue of Christ the Redeemer to which the festival of the same name is dedicated, which takes place in the last week of August.
The festival is accompanied by a parade of traditional costumes from all over Sardinia, with a procession of the faithful from the city to the top of the mountain.

Monte Ortobene Hotel Grillo Nuoro